3,500 calories a match

The more games England play the fatter fans get it has been claimed.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
June 19, 2012, 3:00 pm
3,500 calories a match

The more games England play the unhealthier armchair fans get it has been claimed.

Nutritionists have warned that just three beers, a takeaway pizza, and crisps and dip during a match adds up to a whopping 3,500 calories.

The huge amount, equivalent to 1lb of weight gain, could rocket to 6lb - or 21,000 calories - if England play the six games necessary to win the competition.

Even if the team get knocked out in the quarter final, as many pundits are predicting, fans could have gorged on 14,000 calories - 4lb of weight gain.

With many supporters potentially consuming more than the male recommended daily calorie intake of 2,500 in just 90 minutes, wives and girlfriends might hope England take an early bath.

Nutritionist Caron Leckie, from home delivery diet brand, Diet Chef, warned fans will likely replace evening meals with quick, fatty alternatives as the games are scheduled towards the end of the day.

And if supporters eat unhealthily while watching games in which their teams are not playing, the calories will sky rocket further.

Miss Leckie said: "It's shocking how quickly the fatty food and drink adds up.

"Many football fans don't think about how bad these things are for them because it's a special occasion.

"Especially when a big game is on, it becomes a whole day event, with a visit to the pub to watch the game and trips to the local takeaway.

"It is not just the men, most couples eat together, so women will be putting on weight as a result of what their partner has while the game is on.

"I'm sure there will be many wives and girlfriends who don't want their partner to gain weight and will hope England get knocked out early on

"The way to make it more healthy is to still enjoy the things you like, but have a smaller pizza, or have a bottle of beer rather than a pint.

Fatty food and drink breakdown:

Pizza - 2,400 calories.

Three cans of 440ml beer - 462 calories.

Half a 150g share bag of crisps - 370.5 calories.

Third of a tub of dip - 244 calories.

Total - 3,476.5 calories.

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