London Fashion Week

The front row is nearly as interesting as the catwalk itself.

Umbreen Ali
By Umbreen Ali
September 18, 2012, 11:27 am
London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week sees the great anticipation of styles and designs for spring summer 2013.

Yet synonymous with the designers is the anticipation of the celebrity presence on the front row of the catwalks.

Alice Temperley, favoured designer of Kate Middleton and her ‘famous for bending over’ sister recently complained, “Paying celebs to sit on the front row of your catwalk show is barbaric.”

London Fashion Week will see celebrities clambering for those very same front seats.

Even Andy Murray, Olympic hero and US Open champion has made an appearance at LFW.

The newly crowned British superman, minus the cape, the smile and still minus the Wimbledon title, has succumbed to the glitz and glamour of celebrity bringing with him his girlfriend Kim Sears, the perfectly groomed, glossy haired, smiley Chelsea clone girlfriend with the obligatory nude coloured shoes and tan accessories.

Samantha Cameron, ambassador to the British Fashion Council, has been present as has Olympic glamour puss and now dancing starlet Victoria Pendleton, 14 year old Elle Fanning and of course Abbey Clancy, finalist on Britain’s Top model eons ago, better known as Peter Crouch’s shrinking WAG, and prolific bikini pic tweeter.

Kelly Brook, the buxom model, actress and calender girl who has even resorted to doing a banal movie with Keith Lemon just to stay in the public eye, decided that it was appropriate to wear three different outfits in one day. Just to get in the feel of things.

Even the nubile Harry Styles turned up. Although one wonders if a boyband member discovered on X Factor can share notes with Anna Wintour about Burberry’s Spring Summer 2013 collection, or if he’s just there for the leggy, uber thin dour faced models.

And speaking of uber thin models, can LFW shake off the rumours circulating from New York Fashion Week of models eating cotton wool, daily colonics, laxatives, Phentermine diet pills, Adderal, prescription drugs that suppress the appetite, all in order to maintain the desired catwalk bodies. One agent claimed his clients had to undergo compulsory urine tests to ensure that they were not consuming any carbohydrates.

AW 2012 saw the owls, horses, tigers and cat prints. At LFW we are now bestowed with the Minnie Mouse inspired outfits (have designers raided their children’s wardrobes for inspiration?) to metallic techni-colour trench coats and capes, feminine floral dresses, a Frankenstein inspired show by Christopher Kane and Top Shop’s futuristic space age collection.

Madonna's little brother, Christopher Ciccone has emerged at LFW after being famous for his controversial tell all book.

As he showcased his new footwear line with models in P.E. -style white vests and lycra knickers, Christopher said he wants to be Manolo Blahnik. Manolo Blahnik would never do that.

Although Vivienne Westwood showcased her expected eccentric style, all whilst parading the catwalk with pen markings on her face in tartan boxer shorts,

“I don’t really care about fashion,” she said minutes before her Red Label show was about to begin. Good for the committed, debt laden fashion fan to know, “My job now gives me an excuse to talk about what I really care about - and that is the climate revolution. You should wait until you really need something before you buy it. In fact, don't buy this collection,” says she with her customary orotundity.

At least she has turned her mid life crisis into a path of philanthropy.

With 110 designers, cutting edge styles and catwalks dripping with decadence, LFW is the pinnacle of any fashion lover’s diary. Bet Kate Middleton wishes she had been allowed to stay back rather than the pathos of the diamond jubilee tour.

At least her style icon status hasn’t altered.

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