I Dreamt About Ex

We used to be together and it was an intense relationship that lasted three years.

By Sinita
Dear Sinita
November 3, 2011, 7:58 pm


I have been having dreams about my ex-girlfriend. We used to be together and it was an intense relationship that lasted three years.

I was happily married but recently things have not been good between me and my wife. It has been eight years since me and my ex-girlfriend broke-up but I saw her details on the internet and it got me thinking. Maybe that was what made me dream about her.

I have not acted upon the dreams but I feel as if I should contact her. I have learnt that she is still single and divorced.




Dear Anil

We may often fantasize or dream about happier times when we are going through stressful times in our current relationships.

Do not be worried that you dreamt about an ex-girlfriend as you said it was an intense relationship and you saw her details on the internet which may have remained in your sub-conscious and led you to dream about her that particular night.

Think about speaking to your wife about your marital issues as you said you were once happy, how have things changed to make your marriage unhappy?  What would you gain from contacting this ex-girlfriend?

You seem to have made enquiries about her status and whether she is in a relationship or not; what do you intend to do with that information?

If your marriage is on the rocks contacting an old flame will only complicate matters further.

If you want to work on your marriage then you need to put aside any thoughts of contacting your ex-girlfriend and speak with your wife about how your marriage is not what it should be and if you want to try to work things out then you will have to deal with matters head on and not escape into some fantasy about a relationship that you were in.

Have an open and honest conversation about your marriage with your wife, she may well be feeling the same; that the relationship is not as it should be.

Work on your marriage before you make any rash decisions to contact your ex-girlfriend, your wife deserves this at the very least.


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