She Loves Her Phone

My wife is obsessed with her mobile phone.

By Sinita
Dear Sinita
November 3, 2011, 7:52 pm


My wife is obsessed with her mobile phone.

She is constantly checking it to see who has texted her or if her Facebook profile has been updated. It has got beyond a joke in our household.

She even wakes-up in the middle of the night to check her phone. I have become paranoid that she might be seeing someone else but then she has given me all her passwords and I can check them freely.

I am really worried now as it has led to arguments between us.




Dear Jason

We do live in a society which is obsessed with their mobiles and we are part of the ‘Facebook’ revolution which can lead to people constantly checking on their status and what messages people have left for them which I can see can be really annoying.

It does seem to be a little obsessive to be getting up in the middle of the night to check your status.

You need to speak with your wife and explain that you feel that her attachment to her mobile has become an issue.

You need to do this in a calm manner as you will only serve to get her back up if you accuse her of things that may not have happened.

You need to be honest about how it is making you feel and that you are worried about how this is affecting your marriage.  She may be doing this out of boredom or perhaps she feels lonely; ask her about it.

Your wife may well be unaware of how you are affected by her constant checking her mobile and her profile so you need to speak with one another about how you feel it is affecting your relationship.

Her constantly wanting to keep up to date with her messages and Facebook may be perfectly innocent but it is clearly bothering you so it would be best if you had a discussion and tried to come to some compromise about this which would be to both your satisfaction.

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