Fake tan is better than a date!

British women admit that they now plan their entire diary around their beauty treatments!

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
January 12, 2012, 9:10 pm

10 per cent of women also confessed to missing work and one in 20 avoiding family commitments to fit in extra beauty sessions.

According to the new survey from drinks brand, Lambrini, two thirds of those quizzed revealed that tanning was an important part of their life.

A quarter of women undergo treatments once a week and two-thirds tan up before they go on holiday and as you’d expect, looking good was the main motivation. Surprisingly, one in ten also spent a whopping two hours fake tanning per session.

More than half of those surveyed said they hoped a tan made them look healthier, while 41 per cent thought they were more attractive to the opposite sex and a third felt more confident afterwards. A further 14 per cent opted for tanning to help them appear slimmer.

Lambrini spokesperson, Sian Dixon, said: “Looking good goes with the territory for women today and, like our Lambrini ladies, they’ll often stop at nothing to look gorgeous.

“Tanned on-screen celebs and reality stars definitely play their part, they’re always sporting healthy glows which motivates women to get the sun-kissed look themselves.”  

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