Want Shiny, Glossy Hair? Just Slap On Some Coconut Oil!

So how can you get great hair like Kate Middleton?

Halima Khatun
By Halima Khatun
November 3, 2011, 8:53 pm
Want Shiny, Glossy Hair? Just Slap On Some Coconut Oil!

Just how does she get it so shiny? That’s a question that’s got women hooked across the globe.

Well, there’s a simple way of emulating the royal shine, and it’s a lot cheaper than you think.

After trying literally everything, from expensive shampoos to serums, to give my hair a looking-glass sheen, I discovered a minor miracle.

Not in a salon, but on the shelf of a grocery store. The key to glossy, healthy hair is the humble but fabulous coconut oil.

Now you may associate coconut oil with cooking high-calorie food, but in fact it has been extolled for centuries in southern Asia, used by women who know how to maintain their mane. It’s an ancient remedy for a dry scalp, itchy head and, of course, dull lifeless hair.

From the first time I used it, I understood why it was the hair treatment of choice for my ancestors. The results were amazing.

Coconut oil is usually available in good Asian grocers and comes in either a glass bottle or tub and has a solid white form, like candlewax. It costs around £1-£2, so won’t break the bank.

Applying it is simple. I placed the whole tub in a bowl of hot water to melt the oil. Once it turned to clear liquid, I massaged it into my hair.

I left the oil in my hair overnight, but if you’re pushed for time, you can leave it in for just an hour.

The next day I rinsed it out with shampoo followed by conditioner.

There is one downside – coconut oil is notoriously difficult to wash out, you need at least two to three rinses. Any less and your hair will be left looking greasy, so it’s perhaps best not to apply if you are in a rush and need a quick wash and go.

The results were instantaneous. I had a smooth, shiny mane. I now try to apply coconut oil in my hair once a week, and love the sleek look my hair has. It’s also softer to touch and more manageable.

Also, legend has it that regular application can keep the greys at bay, but I think this may be an old wives’ tale.

So, in conclusion, if you want to make like Kate and rock shiny, gorgeous hair, grab a tub or bottle of coconut oil and get massaging.

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