The Mystery Of Perfect Skin

As with many women I have made several unsuccessful attempts to get a great foundation match and other beauty essentials.

Halima Khatun
By Halima Khatun
November 3, 2011, 8:46 pm
The Mystery Of Perfect Skin

This was mainly due to the fact that when visiting beauty counters, I was greeted by a pushy salesperson who just doesn’t know what a girl wants.

I still had questions unanswered, how do I reduce greyness around the chin when applying foundation, how do I cover blemishes without looking cakey?

To unlock these mysteries, I decided to take action, by enlisting the help of a top makeup artist. I trawled Facebook and Google, and that’s when I found Shafika, a makeup artist from Manchester, specialising in not only media/ fashion hair and makeup but the bridal and party sectors, too.

Shafika has been travelling up and down the country (and also abroad) beautifying brides and party girls for a number of years. Trained by some of the best in the industry - Jon Mort (Versace’s chief make-up artist), Elaine Jones (industry leading expert), Emma White (BBC make-up artist) and Jawaad Ashraf (makeup maestro), Shafika combines well known brands such as MAC, Bobby Brown, Illamasqua, Nars, with lesser known products which are the reserve of the media industry.

She uses only the best products, all of which are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, suitable for the most sensitive skin.

After reading her impressive resume and client testimonials, I knew I’d be in safe hands. So first, we went for a coffee where I grilled Shafika about all the burning questions us desi girls have when it comes to beauty.

Q) Should you match your foundation to your face or neck?

A) It depends on what you want from your foundation. Do you want to go lighter, darker or stay as you are.. If you want to go lighter you should actually match your foundation to your chest area, rather than your neck, as the skin on your neck will naturally be darker, matching to this will darken your tone overall. When I apply foundation on clients, I sweep deep into the neck, to even out the tone.

Q) Why does make up sometimes darken over time?

A) It has probably just settled into your skin. The majority of foundations take around 30 minutes for your skin to absorb it. So at first it may appear too bright / mismatched, but you need to allow some time for it to adjust. So ideally you should apply your makeup around half-hour before you leave the house, so you can see how it settles. Also sometimes using a powder to set the makeup will also darken the overall look.

Q) How can you combat greyness around the chin, which usually occurs after applying foundation? Is the solution just to wear a darker colour?

A) The skin around the chin and under the eyes is different than the rest of the skin. It’s the same for most people. Greyness may be more apparent in darker skintones. For this you need a corrector. For most Asian girl’s it’s orange, but for very light skinned girls it can be yellow. Correctors are available from most good brands, including Bobby Brown and Clinique.

You should apply this BEFORE applying your foundation in the areas that are prone to greyness such as your chin and under your eyes. This will essentially correct the darker tones in your skin toprovide an even tone all over and give you an even finish. I use this on all my clients, as it’s an instant fix!

Q) How can you give your skin that extra glow?

Use a highlighter. If you have a liquid highlighter, like Benefit’s High Beam, you can mix a tiny bit of this in with your foundation and use all over for a pearly shimmer. The glow can also be directed to specific areas of the face that naturally catch the light. i.e. forehead, cheekbones, middle of your nose, upper lip, and chin. Remember, it’s all about subtlety, don’t go overboard!

Grilling over, we went for a browse around the shops, where I tried a couple of shades to get a colour-match. I was matched up with two different shades at Bobby Brown. Unsurprisingly, the makeup artist preferred the darker shade, whereas Shafika preferred the lighter shade, proving that I’m not going insane. If only I could hire her as my full-time consultant – but I don’t have Cheryl Cole’s salary!

Anyway, having discovered some beauty secrets, I hope that some of your issues are resolved, if not, drop me an email with your bugbear and I’ll put it towards Shafika.

Next time, Shafika will be putting her skills to the test by giving me a step-by-step makeover, so keep reading Desi girl’s beauty blog for more.

To see more of Shafika’s work visit her website or find her on facebook ‘Shafika – Hair and Makeup Artist’.

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