Ten funky hairstyles

Here’s the deal. We walk into your salon and you have to come up with some great hairstyles.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
March 22, 2012, 8:08 pm
Ten funky hairstyles

It all has to be done in one day and the best thing is you can invite anyone to be the models…even your friends and best customers! Our resident hairstylists were Mariah Khan from Mariah Khan Hair and Beauty & Binean Kadhim from Heiress by Beany. Enjoy the photos in our picture gallery at the bottom of this page…

Keep it straight

Not sure why we could find a famous person with this style! But we didn’t! The hair is styled straight and dropped on to the side of the shoulder. It is complimented with a simple hair band.

Keep it full

It’s all about volume with this look. This is all about allowing the hair to define the contours of your face. The luscious curls and layers create a look to die for.

Straight and sassy

Fantastic for creating that urban look with attitude. This fabulous style is very soft on the face and features a delicate beehive that has been styled neatly. It is sure to be perfect for any face shape and minimal make-up.

It’s all about the curls

Sometimes you just want to make a statement. And this is how. These curls are sure to make you the centre of attraction. The hair is swept to the side at the front to create a stunning look.

More than just a plait! 

We didn’t know one can make a simple plait so alluring. A delicate bob at the top is complimented by this attached plat with a showpiece hair accessory.

Rihanna ‘shaved style’ 

Rihanna changes her hairstyle more often than anyone else but this is one of her most famous looks. It is shaved underneath with only length left through the top. And if you are really bold go for the red! 

Make an impact

Want to make an entrance then you could take a leaf out of Beyonce’s book. This one featuring the voluminous curls is really glamorous but surprisingly almost anyone can carry it off. Perfect for medium to thick hair types.

Sweet and simple   

This is a casual yet sassy style that looks less complicated than it is. The top half of the hair is tied back at the crown into a plat with long straight look out at the back over the shoulders.

The famous beehive 

Made famous by the talented late singer Amy Winehouse this style harks back to the sixties when almost anything was cool. The hair is styled extra high around top of the head to help create a beehive-like look.

Pigtails are back!

For those thinking you have to be a kid to get away with a pigtail then you’d be wrong. In fact, pigtails are coming back into vogue.  Smooth and perfect hair is a real necessity. So get working with that straighter!

Hairstyling by Mariah Khan Hair and Beauty, 21 Whalley Range Blackburn, call (01254) 671571 & Heiress by Beany (Binean Kadhim), 236 Whalley Old Road Blackburn, call 01254 262218. Photographs by Nasir Hussain AKD Studio (07894459388).

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Ten Funky Hairstyles

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