Hair-raising stuff

Adee Phelan, officially launched HIS Hair’s first North West clinic this week.

By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
February 10, 2012, 5:24 pm
Hair-raising stuff

Adee Phelan, officially launched HIS Hair’s first North West clinic this week.

The company is the original developer of a British innovation Micro Hair Technique scalp pigmentation.

The Oxford Street launch featured a live demonstration of MHT scalp pigmentation, plus a Q&A session with the company’s founders regarding this innovative technique. Adee – who has had the treatment himself – was also on hand to talk about the groundbreaking method, alongside other males sporting the look.

The treatment gives the appearance of a short, cropped, ‘buzz’ hair cut.

Different shades of specifically blended pigments are applied to the scalp to provide a consistent replication of the size, shape and density of hair and micro hairs.

Adee Phelan said, “MHT scalp pigmentation is unique as it is a procedure that is both permanent and non-surgical. It can be used to disguise scars on the head as well as receding hair lines and male pattern baldness, to achieve a fashionable, urban look.”

Company founders, Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson, began developing the treatment in 2002, opening the first HIS Hair clinic in Birmingham in 2006.

Ian Watson added, “After we opened our first clinic, news quickly spread about MHT scalp pigmentation, creating worldwide demand for the procedure. We’re thrilled to be launching our first clinic in the North West and we’re looking forward to reaching and treating new clients in and around Manchester.”

“Celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and Gordon Ramsey have certainly had an impact on the number of men taking action to counter their hair loss; however there’s always been demand for a permanent solution. Having suffered from hair loss myself, I can understand the urgency many men have to do something about it.

“We’ve experienced an excellent response to MHT scalp pigmentation, which achieves the look of a natural full head of hair without a surgical procedure. We’re confident that the HIS Hair name will continue to grow significantly throughout 2012 and beyond.”

Ian began suffering from alopecia and lost his own hair during his mid twenties, following the death of his brother Paul. During a moment of desperation, he asked his sister-in-law Ranbir Rai-Watson – Paul’s wife – to find the finest pen she could get to draw dots onto his scalp, hoping to emulate the look of a ‘cropped’ hair cut.

Following several years of intensive research, Ian and Ranbir then began honing the MHT scalp pigmentation technique alongside some of the world’s most respected hair loss experts, as well as semi-permanent make-up artists in Harley Street, London and Melbourne, Australia, in order to create the ground breaking MHT scalp pigmentation procedure.

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