A Mama’s Life: ‘I love you mama’
By Shahban
November 25, 2011, 11:04 am

I love him too. Even though...

• He woke me and his baby sister up at 6.30am • Didn’t want breakfast .

• Wanted a ‘poo poo’ whilst I was trying to force feed him at 7.15am.

• Accidentally peed outside the loo (which meant I had to do quick clean of offending bathroom floor and loo, shower son and then shower daughter.... saves doing it later).

All the above before 8am! And then he:.

• Cried when he left nursery (come on I can’t be that bad).

• Refused to eat lunch.

• Dirtied his underwear (bit of poo poo in underpants but don’t worry mama ‘ it was only a little bit accident’!).

• Refused to drink his milk.

• Didn’t eat dinner.

All the above is part of one day and a good one at that.

But I do love him ... with all my life...... and I have a daughter .. her too .. I love with all my life.. for truly they (children) can turn your world upside down, make you feel as though sanity has simply side stepped you ..but ultimately ‘those moments’ when...

• You get an unexplained, unexpected hug.

• They give you a kiss (without having had to bribe then).

• He says ‘I love you mama’.

It makes everything worthwhile the:.

• Lack of sleep, the lack of sanity, the lack of friends, the lack of life as I knew it .. everything becomes worthwhile.

This is me ... hopelessly devoted to my children.

Age: 34 (unbelievable!! Truly don’t look a day over 25 ish).

Height: 5ft 9 (tall huh!?).

Weight: Maybe 10 stone ish (not bad considering I just gave birth... to those who think ‘fat cow’ ... well actually no check out my height – and a BMI of 26 odd – which is good by the way).

Children: 2 (son aged 3; daughter aged 10 months) Husband: 1.

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