Website manages health
By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
June 27, 2014, 2:05 pm
Website manages health

A new site aims to focuss on solving the headache of managing your health details. has been designed to help individuals manage all their health and wellbeing in one place, irrespective of changing needs and ideal for those managing general wellness as well as long term health conditions.

Pow Health allows you to securely record every detail of your health and treatments - from appointments, allergies and immunisations, right through to ailments you've noticed, symptoms you've experienced and medicines you've been using.

Ifty Ahmed, CEO and Founder of Pow Health said: “When you look at the Asian community in the UK and the health statistics that show we as a community are more prone to certain illnesses, but are one of the least aware of symptoms, and also less likely to visit our GPs until much later because we don’t like to talk about certain illnesses, then Pow Health can address each of those barriers to diagnosis and health management.”

As well as tracking and storing the information, Pow Health allows you to see your progress across each of your health trackers, individually, or together in a combined view.

Ahmed added: “We’ve also tried to create a site that serves the needs of different audiences and users, so parents of young children as well as carers of the elderly or long term ill can benefit from it as well as those that are just generally interested in their personal wellbeing and fitness.

“Life becomes easier when all your records and information are held in one place and are immediately accessible -  you become more aware and more efficient at tracking and monitoring changes in your health, which you can then share with your doctor – or simply discuss in the forums with others who have had similar experiences.

“Lots of people are sharing intimate health information on Facebook, though many won’t – by offering an anonymous environment which feels very social, just like Facebook, we hope people can engage with one another more effectively.”

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