New Brit-Asian film
By Editor
May 8, 2013, 3:54 pm
New Brit-Asian film

A new Brit-Asian film has begun production in London.


The cast, featuring some of the British Asian community’s most recognised celebrities alongside talented newcomers and familiar home-grown talent, will collaborate on the film, which celebrates multiculturalism within the UK.


Amar Akbar & Tony, is an independent production by writer and first-time film director Atul Malhotra, which embodies and celebrates the unique and vibrant landscape of the UK.


The title alludes to the 1970s Bollywood classic (Amar Akbar and Anthony) and revolves around the strong bond of friendship akin to brotherhood between the three main characters.


But that is where the similarities with the Bollywood film ends. Amar, Akbar & Tony is a real coming of age drama that wholly embraces the vibrancy of British Asian culture.


The cast line-up includes Rez Kempton, Sam Vincenti and Martin Delaney who play the three main protagonists – Amar, Akbar and Tony. All three artists have previously appeared in award-winning productions: Kempton in the 2009 film Life Goes On and Spooks, Vincenti in Waking the Dead and Delaney in Katherine Bigelow’s Oscar-winning Zero Dark Thirty.


Their characters will provide the audience with a genuine reason to laugh, cry and shout and as we follow their lives, the question remains – will their friendship survive the emotional roller coaster that we call life?

The film also stars the multi-talented actress and singer-songwriter Karen David - famous for her starring roles in the hit BBC drama Waterloo Road and the Hollywood blockbuster, The Scorpion King 2-Rise of a Warrior.

She said, "I found the script so endearing and really appreciated the fresh depiction of South Asians. Meera's character is so different from anything I've played, and it will be a wonderful challenge to play her.

“There are a lot of complex layers in her character. She is mysterious at first, and a lot is going on behind those eyes that you don't find out until later on in the story. The characters, and the story lines, are definitely going to get people talking!"


Malhotra’s vision is to represent British Asian culture and explore all its complexities from a male perspective.  “My vision is to portray on film, the self-assuredness and determination of the multicultural youth of today. There have been so many portrayals of Asian people wanting to escape from their cultural heritage, but I wanted to explore the contrasting angle.


“The film will embrace the vibrancy and distinctiveness of this influential culture and will wear its Asian heart proudly on its sleeve. My film is a celebration of the bonds that tie us together through friendship, love, loss and ultimately redemption.”

There are special cameo appearances by favourites - Meera Syal (Nigel Cole’s All In Good Time, Goodness Gracious Me), Ace Bhatti (The charismatic Dr. Khan from EastEnders) and Nina Wadia (EastEnders, Doctor Who), will certainly add colour to the film.