'Happy Monday!' - Today is the first happy day of the year
By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
January 30, 2012, 2:03 pm

THIS year will have 11 truly happy days but none will be happier than Monday January 30 – now dubbed Happy Monday.

And despite the double-dip recession, experts believe Brits will enjoy one more happy day than usual in 2012 because the nation will feel buoyed by celebrations and the extra day off to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June.

After the post-Christmas anti-climax, weeks of scraping for money following the Christmas spending spree, and the frustration of dark winter days and cold weather, Happy Monday offers us the first really happy day of the year.

It comes two weeks after Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, and is the day we finally feel invigorated and at long last shake-off the festive hangover, both in terms of our mood and our finances.

It comes just three days after most of the country breathes a sigh of relief on receipt of its first pay cheque of the year.

It is no coincidence that Happy Monday falls the day after what holiday companies are predicting could be the busiest holiday booking weekend of the year in the UK.

The same weekend last year was one of the busiest on record, say luxury outdoor holiday specialists Al Fresco Holidays, and this year the same weekend is expected to be even busier.

Dr David Holmes, acclaimed senior psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, believes the day is the most significant of the 11 happy days we will all experience this year because it is a junction between the first pay-cheque of the year and the booking of the annual family holiday.

He said: “Britain will have 11 major happy days this year, one more than usual, because we will be lifted as a nation by the Jubilee celebrations. This gives us an extra day off and a long weekend so, whether we’re fans of the Royal Family or not, it is a real reason to be cheerful.

“But the first happy day of the year will be Monday January 30, or Happy Monday as it is now being called.

“This is a day when we feel particularly happy because the financial excesses of Christmas means that January is a particularly difficult and long month for most of us cash-wise and the first salary payday of the year hugely reduces the stress of that long wait to reinvigorate our finances.

“That first payday comes just two days before what is traditionally the busiest holiday-booking weekend of the year. That’s two major injections of stress-busters in just three-days.

“We all go into work on that Monday – January 30 – with renewed vigour, buoyed by the excitement of having money in the bank again and having one of the major family events of the year – the annual summer holiday – to look forward to.”

Last year Al Fresco Holidays saw an increase of more than 50% in bookings on the last weekend of January and they believe this year’s bonanza weekend could be even bigger.

Nick Riggs, Al Fresco Holidays managing director, said: “We are expecting an increase in bookings on last year, which was a record for us on that one weekend. January is traditionally a busy month but this weekend is by far the busiest of the year.”

Aside from Happy Monday itself, Britain’s happiest days of 2012 include:

•Our birthday

•Christmas Day

•Two May Bank Holidays

•Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June

•August Bank Holiday

•The day we depart on our summer holiday

•March 27 – the day the clocks go forward and we get lighter nights

•Christmas Eve

•Midsummers day (June 21)

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