What do women see in Russell Brand?
By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
January 18, 2012, 10:53 am

That’s just one of the things we tend to find a little puzzling. Here’s some more.

Researchers found that the sorry state of the nation’s finances – over £900 Billion in the red - is one of the most baffling conundrums of modern Britain.

It made fourth place in a list of life's 50 most confusing things, ahead of credit card interest rates and getting onto the housing ladder.

‘Algebra’ came top, followed by foreign call centres and 'why do people get arrested when defending their property’.

Life’s other big puzzles include, alcohol units, getting to grips with Twitter, crosswords, predictive text and automated phone systems.

The study of 2,000 adults shows a quarter of Brits admitting to getting ‘confused’ or ‘puzzled’ every day with nearly one in three saying it takes them five minutes to figure out what they are confused about.

Tony Ablewhite, a spokesperson for Puzzler World 2012, said: “Life is full of mysteries and everyday items and situations that we find difficult to comprehend. Whether it is the offside rule, credit card interest rates, politics or crop circles, these are things which baffle us and take us time to understand."

“Interestingly, two thirds of us hate getting confused but only half of us will ‘sometimes’ ask for help when we can’t figure something out”.

Other common bewilderments include ‘why does Ryan Giggs wife stay with him’ (18 per cent), ‘why is car insurance so expensive’ (18 per cent), Jedward (16 per cent), converting currency (13 per cent) and the laws of cricket (15 per cent).

Ablewhite on behalf of Puzzler World 2012 continues: “Puzzler World 2012 encourages players to flex their memory muscles in order to make minds work more efficiently – which should help us all comprehend those things that baffle us a little better.”

Top 50 conundrums of modern Britain


Foreign call centres

Why do people get arrested when defending their property?

Why is Britain in so much debt?

What women see in Russell Brand

Credit card interest rates

Difference between life insurance and life assurance

Why Cheryl Cole is still with Ashley

Why does Ryan Giggs wife stay with him?

Why car insurance is so expensive


All the different lottery draws


Alcohol units

The laws of cricket

Buying a house

Stephen Hawking's theories

Football's offside rule


Foreign languages

Why did Wayne Rooney bother with his hair transplant?

Why people get obese

Converting currency

What does the Hadron Collider actually do?

Loan interest rates

Insurance policies

Fixing printers

Birmingham's Spaghetti Junction

Kerry Katona

Why and how Stonehenge was built


Predictive text

Automated phone systems

Setting up wireless networks

Figuring out nutritional information on food labels


Crop Circles

Why the London riots started



Clocks going back / forward


Filling out insurance forms

Small print

Fruit machines

People who crack their knuckles

Packaging on kids toys


Train fares


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