Bristol tops Internet shopping list
By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
January 4, 2012, 3:33 pm

The top ten speediest cities for internet shopping this Christmas have been revealed.

New data released by money-saving supersite shows people from Bristol are the fastest shoppers on the net!

For when it comes to hunting online bargains, Bristolians are truly the ‘ninja-finger champions’, able to find the best offers, choose vouchers and seal an online deal in under two minutes!

ILoveCasback combines price comparison, voucher codes and cashback and has been shortlisted in the Consumer MoneyFacts Awards 2012, best cashback site category.

The ILoveCashback team used the site’s shopping activity data for December (including Mega Monday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday) to reveal the UK’s Cyber Shopper Champions League Table.

How quickly (average time) UK shoppers took to seal an online deal:

(Data: Dec 1 -31)

1. Bristol. ( Average Time: 1 min.49 seconds) 2. Sheffield (1.58) 3. Dundee  (2.25) 4. Leeds (3.05) 5. Edinburgh (3.08) 6. Glasgow (3.14) 7. London.  (3.24) 8. Newcastle (3.35) 9. Manchester (4.18) 10. Birmingham (5.01)

Britons now use the web to shop more avidly than any other major country. A recent Ofcom report compared the UK with 17 other countries and found that 79 per cent of British web users have bought something online, compared to just 27 per cent of Italians.

Nearly nine out of ten from the UK have looked at shopping websites, spending an average of 84 minutes on them per month, compared with around 20 minutes for consumers in Poland and Italy.

Earlier reports predicted Brits would spent a total of around 350 million hours shopping online in the run up to Christmas and the New Year.

“It’s a pleasure to add anything we can to data for online shopping as 2012 will be a crucial time for the economy and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!” said ILoveCashback managing director, Brad Blake.

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