Is this the most dangerous weekend to travel?
By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
December 16, 2011, 11:41 am

If you are travelling this weekend then leave the car at home!

December 17th and 18th are historically the two most dangerous dates for accidents.

Insurance specialist Admiral looked at data from more than 2 million accidents reported over the past 18 years and found more accidents happen on 17th December compared with any other date of the year.

It also emerged the second worst date for accidents is the following day, 18th December, making the upcoming weekend the riskiest of the year. 

Admiral managing director, Dave Halliday, said, “It’s difficult to say for definite why these dates in particular have historically seen such a high number of accidents.

“The weather could definitely be a factor as there can be difficult driving conditions in December but at the same time, not every December over the last 18 years has had snow.

“A more likely explanation is that with just a week to go before Christmas many people have a lot on their minds and simply aren’t concentrating on the road ahead.”

The analysis of accident claims also revealed Friday is the most dangerous day of the week for motorists, with Sunday the safest. In fact, as the week progresses, the more likely an accident is going to happen.

The least number of accidents happen on a Sunday and the numbers gradually increase until they reach a peak on a Friday.

Dave continued, “It’s less surprising to see the worst day of the week for accidents is a Friday as people are tired after a long week at work and can easily get caught up thinking about their weekend plans instead of the road ahead. It’s really interesting to see the likelihood of an accident gets higher as the week goes on. We just want to remind people to take care on the road whatever the day or date.”

So, what about the safest dates for our roads? Unsurprisingly Admiral found the least number of accidents happen on 29th February. Considering it only occurs every 4 years this is pretty much to be expected!

It makes sense the rest of the dates which see the least accidents are those when the UK roads are at their quietest, for example Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Top 10 worst dates for driving:

- 17th December

- 18th December

- 1st December

- 30th November

- 2nd December

- 20th December

- 1st November

- 1st October

- 19th November

- 21st December

Top 10 best dates for driving:

 - 29th February

- 25th December

- 1st January

- 26th December

- 2nd January

- 30th December

- 3rd January

- 31st December

- 29th December

- 27th December

Worst days for driving:

 - Friday

- Thursday

- Wednesday

- Tuesday

- Monday

- Saturday

- Sunday

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