Why do you get injured on a night out?
By Fusion Lifestyle Reporter
December 14, 2011, 4:42 pm

Because you’ve had too much alcohol.

Not that research was needed into it but Personal Injury law specialist First4lawyers have obliged.

Their new research has revealed 33% of Brits have injured themselves whilst on one and 70% of those injuries were caused by too much alcohol.

The research was commissioned is revealed to mark the festive party season and highlight the dangers that drunken nights out can pose.

Overall, the most common cause of injury on a night out is falling over outside, but there are some notable differences in certain causes of injuries between men and women.

Worryingly, men are much more likely than women to be injured through fighting on a night out, whilst women are much more likely to hurt themselves falling over inside clubs and bars.

Other causes of injury include:

·         Broken glass (10.5%)

·         Falling down stairs in nightclubs and bars (8.5%) 

·         Jumping over obstacles like road barriers (4%)

·         Cigarette burns (3.5%)

·         Getting run over (1.5%)

Cities where alcohol is to blame for the largest percentage of injuries sustained on nights out include Liverpool (88%), Leeds (77%), Nottingham (76%), London (72%), Manchester (71%) and Birmingham (71%).  

Those cities where alcohol is least likely to be the culprit behind injuries include Cardiff (57%), Southampton (58%), Norwich (60%) and Newcastle (61%). 

A First4lawyers spokesperson said: “With the Christmas party season firmly upon us we’re urging people to drink responsibly and look after themselves when they go out over the coming weeks. Everyone enjoys a good night out and a drink or two, but no one wants to end a night out with a painful injury.”

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