A Mama's Life: Me
By Shahban
December 4, 2011, 1:51 pm

Love status update: ‘I love you more mama’. Like seriously life can’t get much better...can it?

It makes everything bearable, gives me a reason, validates my existence, no maybe thats one step too far...but all the same....the point is that its nice to hear...and the minute I do hear it, I forget:.

• the tantrums.

• the tears.

• the struggles.

• the early mornings.

• sleepless nights.

• no tv control (flicking between Cbeebies and CBBC does not count).

But hang on ‘loves me more’ than what? Cbeebies, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat. And this validates my existence? So what does this say about me?.

Nothing worth making an issue about. It simply says that I love being loved by my children. I am still my own person. I am not defined by my children...gosh, I desperately want to believe this and I am trying more than hard.

Getting there slowly I think. You see I can love my children in a ‘hopelessly devoted’ fashion and still be me, right?.

I am educated...got a degree...actually qualified as a lawyer many moons ago...pretty impressive hey?.

But for me it just wasn’t enough. I was born to be a mother.

I actually feel as though this was my purpose and notwithstanding (semi-legal term...used here for effect) this I now feel the need to exist without the excuse of children.

No, this is not selfish.

I am a good mama, in fact no, I am a great mama. But I also have a lot of other attributes.

To name but a few:.

•excellent time management skills.

•self motivated (although sometimes kids do need to kick start me in the morning.... literally).

•results driven.

I would like to see any educated/ career folk be motivated enough to achieve successful toilet user within 2 days...yes that is right...toilet trained my little man in 2 days; toilet related accidents: 0; none at all My point: we can all be great mamas and great women too.

My children: I love with all my life (I think you all get that).

Me: am learning to recognise me again. I am in here somewhere. Just got lost for a while (pretty easy considering all the baby belly etc I have had to deal with)

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