Spring 2012
Spring 2012

What a summer we have in store and so much to look forward too. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and this small football tournament (if you like that sort of thing!) are going to make this summer one to remember.

We celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and all things British by showcasing the fashions of yesteryear. Our wedding photoshoot this edition took place at a castle of all places with the stunning outfits courtesy of Fable & Promise in Blackburn.

Amara Karan and Reece Ritchie, stars of the hit movie 'All in good Time' posed for our camera this issue in a dress put together by up-coming designer Zahid Rauf. A little secret here Zahid managed to put that dress together in four days!

We ctach up with a rock and roll legend - Aziz Ibrahim - former guitarist with the Stone Roses who has released a new album. The aptly named Rusholme Rock.

Our travel writer Sina Brunner who has been getting some rave reviews online sent us an exclusive report from the Islands of Indonesia. She types as she travels so you can be rest assured you are reading as it happens.

We have not one but TWO celebrity chefs sharing their knowledge on the best foods for this summer and Sue Arrowsmith wants you to exercise... a lot!

Times may well be tough on the high street but here at Fusion Lifestyle great things come all at once. 

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